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SQL Writer

Write SQL 3x as fast, wherever you work

AirOps SQL Writer uses your database schema to create queries, direct from natural language. Not sure which tables to use? It can help with that too.


Custom AI Data Apps

Generative AI

Explore your data like magic 🚀

With a little help from our AI, it is as simple as: 
Ask a Question → Refine → Get Data
Save time writing SQL and preparing your data.

Which product categories sold the most last month?_

Move fast and make things

Build epic things with your data. Create live documents, automate your weekly team meetings, create an API for an internal app, and so much more.

Google Slides
Google Sheets

Live Sheets and Decks

Never manually update your Sheets and Docs again. Bring live data to the places you do your best work, fast.

Live data in your 😍 tools

Sync live data into Notion, Coda, & Airtable with just a few clicks.

Go further

Bring your highest quality data to more surfaces in your business. Create custom APIs and webhooks.

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Instant data stack with savings built-in

AirOps gives you a complete data platform in minutes.
We pass on 100% of our scale discounts to you.
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“I’ve never  walked away from a product demo before with such an urge to tell other people about it”

Tyler Wozny | Chief Digital Officer at Madison Reed

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