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the impact of your
leadership meetings

Set your goals & metrics, find the right data, and quickly pull it all together in one place.


Save $18k every week

Save dozens of hours of your team’s time with prep and follow-ups.


Trust your metrics

Build trust in your data & metrics with a transparent process.


Grow your business faster

Grow your business faster with a more responsive business review process.


Love your meetings

Take the pain out of your weekly meetings and get better outcomes.

Weekly Business Reviews shouldn’t be painful and time-consuming.

A Weekly Business Review should accelerate sound decision-making, build trust and accountability between teams and among executives, empower developing leaders to level up, and reduce wasted time spent in meetings and updating metrics.

See how AirOps saves you time & money on your weekly business review

Start with our template (or use your own).

Pipe in data to your existing operating documents or try one of our pre-built templates. Whichever route you choose, AirOps makes it easy for teams to work with data in the applications and tools they prefer.

Finding the right data shouldn’t feel like a wild goose chase.

You know which metrics need to be measured, monitored, and moved to advance the business. Now it’s time to find the right data. Easier said than done, right? Maybe in the past, but not with AirOps. No-code tools, clear documentation, and transparent workflows allow business users easily find trusted data sets and metrics to use for the weekly business review.

Sync all of the data needed to run the WBR in a snap.

With AirOps, there's no need to export dozens of CSV files and cobble everything together into a single spreadsheet.

The data your teams need to make decisions and drive measurable business results will seamlessly sync right into the tools they love. Every week. No manual copy/pasting or VLOOKUPs needed.

CSV you later, alligator!

Explore trusted, reliable data.

AirOps ends the vicious cycle of numbers that can’t be trusted ↔ wasted time ↔ bad decisions. Once your syncs are set, dive in and explore your data with ease. Users can even click into source apps to view and update data where it lives.

Save time, money, and put an end to weekly WBR fire drills.

With AirOps, your teams can prepare for the weekly business review using fresh, trusted data (in the apps they already use every day, no need to toggle between different tools and docs 🙌).
Users can perform analyses, add rich context and commentary, and collaborate effortlessly. The result? Dozens of hours saved, each and every week.

Gain observability into all of your workflows.

Stay organized, build confidence, and increase trust in your business review process with the ability to see all of your syncs and their status in one place. Need to incorporate last-minute updates? No problem. AirOps makes it easy to sync data on demand, whenever you need it.

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