How to Handle Divide by Zero in SQL

The Solution

To handle divide by zero errors in SQL, simply use the NULLIF function. This function takes two arguments, the first being the value you want to check for divide by zero, and the second being the value you want to return if the first argument is zero. For example, if you wanted to check if the value x is zero and return NULL if it is, you would use the following query:

SELECT NULLIF(x, 0) FROM table_name;


Let's look at a few examples of how this function can be used. Suppose you have a table called numbers with the following data:


If you wanted to divide x by y and return NULL if y is zero, you would use the following query:

SELECT NULLIF(x / y, 0) FROM numbers;

This query would return the result 2, NULL, and NULL, since the first row has a non-zero value for y and the other two rows have a zero value for y.

Additional Info

The NULLIF function is supported by most major databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server. However, the syntax may vary slightly depending on the database you are using. For more information, check out the documentation for your particular database.

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