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Master prompting

Get to high quality prompts faster with models like GPT-4 Turbo and Claude 2. AirOps make it easy to find the best AI model for your use case, rapidly iterate through prompt structures and evaluate outputs.

  • Choose from over 40 AI models

  • Create prompts with AI

  • Multimodal inputs - text, video, audio, image

  • Logic to extend output length and improve quality

Bring your data

Great AI outputs start with high quality inputs. Use our built-in vector database service 'Memory Stores' to provide your workflows with the right data and knowledge at runtime.

  • Import document, database and website content

  • Automatic chunking and embedding

  • Full management API

  • Learning feedback architectures supported

Extend with  30+ powerful workflow steps

Mix and match 30+ steps to ground workflows in your knowledge, pull in live data,  generate images, and more.

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Enterprise-ready. Ready for your use case, at scale.

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1 AirOps is an OpenAI Enterprise Partner

  • SOC-2

  • SSO with Okta

  • PII Protection

  • Zero Data Retention¹

  • Enterprise TPM/RPM¹

  • Priority Traffic Class¹

  • GPT-4 Fine Tuning¹

  • Private AI Models

Human Review

Push LLMs into higher value use cases by including Human Review in your workflows. The Workflow will pause until human review is complete.

  • AirOps notifies you when human review is required

  • Users can make choices and edits before continuing

Evaluate outputs

Production AI systems require continuous improvement. With AirOps Evals you can define evaluation criteria and test data sets to help you ship improved prompts.

  • Define LLM based evaluators to check outputs

  • Use AI to suggest evaluators based on model outputs

Versatility at your fingertips

Choose from all major model providers with ease.

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Stable Diffusion

Azure OpenAI

Stability AI

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”AirOps is the necessary bridge between the promise of LLMs and the hairy problem of actually implementing them into production.”

Colby Howard

President and Co-Founder

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Dom Santry

CEO, Daisie

"AirOps has been a key tool in helping clients scale product SKUs, improve on-site copy and rapidly test ad copy variations."

Tyler Wozny

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“AirOps makes it really easy to rapidly develop production ready apps. It’s simple to start, iterate, and find something that works before a traditional engineering solution could even be resourced."

Head of Underwriting

Fintech Startup

“AirOps provides quick and intelligent solutions for many e-commerce use cases,  from optimized content (imagery and text), to reconciliation reporting reducing manual time and effort.“

Rick Cornillie

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”AirOps has made using AI as an innovation edge at Rare Candy so much faster and easier.”

Chris Knape

CEO, Rare Candy