The rules have changed anyone can use AI to perform NLP.

Run NLP at scale in minutes.

Powerful tools and workflows that bring AI to your most important processes.

Find gold in your unstructured data. Classify support tickets, financial transactions, and more. No technical skills required.

No credit-card required

The problem we are tackling.

Manual tagging

Time-consuming and slow

Traditional ML classifiers

Variable accuracy

Classification with AirOps

No training required, deploy same day
Configure classifiers to any use case
Better than traditional ML and human tagging
No technical team needed
Fraction of the cost of manual tagging or training your own model

Cheaper and faster than traditional NLP.

Classify text data at scale

Auto-categorize support tickets, verify financial transactions, qualify sales opportunities based on call transcripts, and more!

Fintech analyzes 80,000 Plaid transactions per day, cutting manual review costs 75%

Analyze Sentiment in unstructured data

Extract customer feedback from support tickets, customer reviews, NPS/CSAT surveys, and any other text data

Bambee helps improve product quality by analyzing 10,000 NPS survey comments

Extract Insights from any text

Identify coaching opportunities in sales transcripts, extract trends and intelligence form long form transcripts

Halve the time your team spends extracting information from sales transcripts or research calls

“We use AirOps to extract insights from customer feedback in NPS surveys. We can pinpoint feedback to our product and take action sooner”

Chris Meier

Director of Data at Bambee

Now anyone can deploy AI at scale.

Configure and Go

Tailor Apps to your needs, from the tone of voice to modifying output format and more.

A.I. Model Choice

GPT-3, GPT-4, Claude. Pick the right model for the job.

Run at Scale

Run 1 or 1 million jobs.
Leave us to process your jobs.

Powered by Live Data

Leverage data with AI including live data from your database, the web or API.

Media Support

Transcription and doc support helps you turn files into valuable new assets.

Custom Workflows

Connect your database. Chain prompts. Add logic.

Wherever you work best

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Specialized A.I. Everywhere
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