Embedded AI

Prototype and integrate 'Notion AI' style copilots to your web app in hours using AirOps Studio and Client SDK.

“AirOps has helped us deliver personalizaed learning experiences to our students. They’ve never been happier.”

Dom Santry

CEO at Daisie

Get your co-pilot to production faster with AirOps.

Assistive AI (copilots) are changing the way we use our favorite products, increasing efficiency, sparking creativity, helping customers overcome technical challenges, and so much more.

Rapid Integration

Our frontend SDK allows swift and easy integration of generative AI experiences into your application, handling token streaming, user feedback 👍👎, and error handling. For longer-running tasks, like generating reports or outlines, we provide an ASYNC API capable of handling complex, long-running workflows.

Prototype in Minutes

Rapid experimentation is important to any LLM solution. AirOps Studio makes this process easy. Test your prompt structure, compare models including GPT-3.5, GPT-4 and Claude, and easily share prototypes with your team and stakeholders. Use our built-in Memory Stores (AirOps managed Vector DBs) to add critical business context and test your prompts at scale.

Iterate and Scale

Monitor performance, feedback and error rates. Collect and store usage data to improve prompts. Use API versioning to safely implement improvements or roll back changes. All out the box.

Need more help?

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Example workflow.

Interactive demo available on desktop

Gallery. Some of what's possible.