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Efficient Collection Item Reordering in Webflow: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you're a Webflow user, you might have faced the challenge of manually reordering items in a collection. For instance, you may want the same book to rank differently in different collections, such as tech books and business books. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to efficiently reorder collection items in Webflow. Let's dive in!

The Challenge: Manual Reordering of Collection Items in Webflow

Webflow's CMS is a powerful tool, allowing you to create dynamic content with ease. But when it comes to manually reordering items within a collection, things can get a bit tricky. As per the discussion in the Webflow forum, a user named Zozo raised their concern about reordering list of books in a collection template, where a single book can be part of multiple collections and may have different ranks in each.

The Solution: Use Number Fields for Manual Reordering

The key to this problem is to use number fields for manual ordering. Here's a step-by-step guide on how you can do this:

Step 1: Create a New Number Field in the Collection

First, you need to create a new number field in your collection. This field will serve as your manual ordering index. Let's say you're working with a collection of books; you can name this field 'Tech Book Order' or 'Business Book Order' depending on the collection.

Step 2: Assign Order Numbers to Each Item

Next, assign an order number to each item in your collection. This number will define the position of the item within the collection. Remember, the same item can have different order numbers in different collections.

Step 3: Sort Items by the Number Field

Now, it's time to sort your items. Go to the settings of your dynamic list and choose the 'Sort Order' option. Here, select your number field (e.g., 'Tech Book Order') and choose your preferred sorting method (e.g., 'Smallest to Largest' or 'Largest to Smallest').

Step 4: Repeat the Process for Each Collection

Repeat this process for each collection where you want to manually reorder items. Remember, you can assign different order numbers to the same item in different collections, allowing for flexible and efficient item reordering.

Step 5: Preview and Publish

Once you've set up the manual ordering for all necessary collections, preview your site to ensure everything looks as expected. If everything is in order, go ahead and publish your changes.


Reordering collection items in Webflow doesn't have to be a hassle. With the right approach and a bit of patience, you can create a flexible and efficient system for manual item reordering. Remember, Webflow is a powerful tool; understanding how to use its features to your advantage will allow you to create dynamic, appealing, and user-friendly sites.

Pro Tip: Harness the Power of Multi-Reference Fields

If you're dealing with a complex site structure where items belong to multiple collections and each needs a unique order, consider using multi-reference fields. This advanced feature in Webflow can make your reordering process even more efficient.

Instead of creating multiple number fields for each collection (like 'Tech Book Order', 'Business Book Order' etc.), you can create a separate collection called 'Collection Order'. In this collection, you'd have fields for the item (reference field), the collection it belongs to (another reference field), and the order number (number field).

Then, in your original collection (let's say 'Books'), you'd add a multi-reference field that connects to this 'Collection Order'. This way, each book can have multiple order numbers, each associated with a different collection, all managed from the 'Collection Order'.

On your collection page, you'd then pull in items from the 'Collection Order', filtered by the current collection, and sorted by the order number. This method gives you the flexibility to manage complex ordering across multiple collections from a single place. However, it does require a good understanding of Webflow's CMS structure and a careful setup.

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