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Optimizing Webflow Collections: Maximize List Items Displayed to 100

Webflow is a powerful tool for managing content and displaying it on your website. But one of the limitations that users often encounter is the maximum number of list items per collection displayed, which is set to 100. This can be quite restrictive, especially if you're managing large collections and want to display more than 100 items on a page. So, how can you maximize your list items displayed to 100? Let's dive in and find out.

The 100 Items Per Collection List Limitation

As per a Webflow forum discussion, the maximum number of items that a collection list can display on a page is limited to 100. This is a design decision made by Webflow for performance reasons, ensuring page load speeds remain optimal. However, this limitation can be inconvenient when you have a large collection and want to display more than 100 items on a page.

Working Around the Limitation

While Webflow currently doesn't allow more than 100 items to be displayed on a page, there are a couple of workarounds that can be used to overcome this limitation.

  • Using a second collection list: As mentioned by a user in the same forum discussion, one of the ways to get around this limitation is to create a second collection list that starts at item 101. This essentially allows you to display more than 100 items on a page, but it's important to keep an eye on your page load speed as this could impact it.
  • Enabling pagination: Another solution is to enable pagination on your collection list. As per the Webflow University guide, enabling pagination allows you to display more than 100 items in your collection list over multiple pages. This not only helps you overcome the 100 items limit but also improves your page load speed.

These workarounds can help you overcome the limitation and display more than 100 items per collection list on your page. Remember, while it's possible to display more items, it's also crucial to keep your page load speed in mind to ensure a smooth user experience.

Final Thoughts

While the 100 items per collection list limitation can be a bit of a hurdle, with the right approach and a bit of creativity, you can easily work around this and optimize your Webflow collections. Whether you choose to use a second collection list or enable pagination, you can effectively display more than 100 items on your page and ensure your users have access to all the content they need.

Pro Tip: Leverage CMS API for Advanced Collection Management

If you're comfortable with programming and want to take your Webflow site to the next level, you can leverage the power of Webflow's CMS API. Rather than being restricted by the interface, the CMS API allows you to create, read, update, and delete Items in your Collections using simple HTTP requests.

For instance, if you have a collection that routinely goes beyond the 100 items limit, you could write a script that uses the CMS API to automatically split your collection into multiple smaller collections. This would not only get around the 100 items per page limit, but also potentially improve page loading speed by reducing the amount of data that needs to be loaded at once.

Don't worry if you're not familiar with APIs. Webflow provides detailed documentation on how to use their CMS API. Remember, this is a more advanced technique, so it may not be suitable for everyone. However, if you're comfortable with code and want to push the boundaries of what's possible with Webflow, the CMS API is a powerful tool to have in your arsenal.

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