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AirOps 1.2 ✨

Our latest release with a shiny new UI, transcription steps, usability improvements, self-scheduling agents and OpenAI plugin support.

Published on Jan 17, 2024 by

What's new in AirOps 1.2 ✨

It's been 2 weeks since we released AirOps 1.1 and we're back with a revamped UI that sets the stage for what's to come.

Let's dive in to transcription steps 📀, usability improvements 📒, self-scheduling agents🕵️ and OpenAI plugin support 🔌.

Transcription Built In

2 weeks ago we launched File Upload Support - we are following this up with a Transcription Workflow Step that will turn any media file into transcribed text. We have 3 models to choose from including Deepgram Nova, Deepgram Whiser and Assembly AI. Diarization and timestamps included. BYO Key or Use Ours.

Name and Annotate your Steps

Give your Steps unique names and annotation 'notes'. We've seen workflows with over 100 unique steps and want to help you stay organized out there. 🧘🏼‍♂️

CSV Memory Store Revamp

It's now easier to merge columns and metadata when you are uploading a CSV file to AirOps Memory Stores. Don't forget, we support SQL, Google Drive, API and document upload methods for AirOps memory stores. Sitemap and URL ingestion coming soon.

Test Individual Steps

Long workflows have been challenging to test, until now! You can test individual steps in your workflow just by hitting the ▶️ button.

Self-Scheduling Agents

Chat Agents continue to get better. We now have a scheduler tool that allows Agents to set tasks for themselves in the future, including recurring tasks! Humans (you) can review these tasks in the Scheduler tab.

This will become increasingly powerful as Agents are given more capabilities and powers.

OpenAI Plugins

There are now nearly 1,000 OpenAI plugins available and you can add them to your AirOps Chat Agents for use! You can try a Wolfram Alpha enabled example here.

That's it for 1.2 ✅

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