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AirOps 1.3 ✌️

Zapier Integration, image generation, improved web scraper and new Agent Tools

September 28, 2023
AirOps Team

It's been 2 weeks since we released AirOps 1.2 and we're back!

Let's dive in to our Zapier Integration, image generation, improved web scraper and new Agent Tools.

Zapier Integration Beta

You can now trigger AirOps Workflows via Zapier. Combine Zapier's realtime triggers from over 5,000 sources with our best-in-class language models (including GPT-4 32k), managed Memory Stores, web scraping, Agents and more.  

This unlocks so many use cases... extract structured insights from a Sales call, generate marketing assets from a new product SKU, personalize outreach for each new Lead and more.... You'll find AirOps as a supported Action in your Zapier account today.

Generate Images

Generate images in your Workflows using Stable Diffusion XL. Define your prompt, output size and you'll receive a ready-to-use, hosted image. Great for adding vibes to your content

Agents get more Tools

Last release we gave AirOps Agents the ability run OpenAI plugins. We are now adding two new capabilities :

SQL Query - Let your Agents perform read-only queries on your connected database.

Code Runner - Operating within a secure sandbox environment, Agents can now write and execute code. Useful for interfacing with APIs and performing data analysis.

Agents in Workflows

AirOps makes it easy to give your Agents access to initiate Workflows, but now we are making it possible to bring Agents into Workflows. Have agents self-prompt their way to task completion and get the result returned to your workflow. Great for research tasks.

Test Apps Faster

We have now enabled Test this step on all workspaces and rolled out AI  Test Value generation which allows you to generate fresh test values for your workflows.

Premium Scraping

Our Web Scrape step now supports premium Residential proxies, great for pulling live data into your workflows from any source.