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Announcing our $7m seed fundraise led by Wing

AirOps raises $7m in seed funding to help bring large language models to real business problems.

Published on Jan 17, 2024 by AirOps Team

We are thrilled to announce AirOps has raised $7m in seed funding led by Wing VC, with participation from Founder Collective, XFund, Village Global, Apollo Projects, and Lachy Groom.

AirOps lets you build AI applications to solve your biggest problems at work.

The Why

As a team, we’ve led Product, Ops, and Analytics teams that scaled startups like Masterclass, Bungalow, and Sisense. 

Every team we’ve been a part of has had a relentless and impactful few that disproportionately drove things forward. They deeply understood their business and led the charge in solving its most challenging problems. Some call them barrels, we call them ‘doers,’ and we founded AirOps to help them move faster and do more than ever before. Our biggest learning: find your doers, feed them the ball, give them the tools, get out of the way, and you’ll see results. But we’ve always longed for more powerful tools to equip them with… 

The rise of powerful large language models (LLMs) over the past year is unleashing a floodgate of AI tools, widgets, and chatbots. AI is everywhere! It's at once overwhelming and underwhelming, exciting and confusing, fun and intimidating. Especially at work. We’ve heard business teams say repeatedly: “I’m stuck on how to apply AI to my job—reliably, safely, and at a scale that will actually move numbers.” 

AirOps will be the platform on which doers bring AI to work and solve their hardest problems, as only they know how. 

Our bet is that AI solutions layered on top of an existing tool or locked within a walled garden will only be the tip of the iceberg. For AI to help teams revolutionize work - it must be: 

  1. Data driven - LLM powered solutions that can safely leverage an organization's data in a controlled and observable manner
  2. Structured and predictable - designed with a pre-determined structure for consistent outcomes
  3. Simple to deploy - easy for non-technical and semi-technical team members to implement without costly engineering cycles
  4. Flexible as AI evolves - responsive to the changing world of AI, allowing for models, providers and architectures to be easily changed

AirOps Apps

We’re building AirOps to meet all four of these needs through Apps. AirOps Apps let you apply AI in a structured, predictable way to your workflows and are customizable to your exact business context.

AirOps App Collection

We’ve started with three collections of Apps that help our users move faster and raise their technical ceiling:

  • Text Analysis (aka Natural Language Processing) - Understand sentiment, classify text, and pull key facts from any type of text. Find gold in your unstructured data. Now anyone who can use Google Sheets can run NLP at scale.
  • Text Generation - Create copy once or at scale. Write marketing or sales copy. Generate ideas. Leverage your organization’s data to personalize and nail your desired tone.
  • Data (formerly Data Sidekick) - Write, fix and optimize SQL queries 10x faster.  Now powered by GPT-4!

Soon–we’ll let anyone build their own AirOps Apps.

Coming Soon: AirOps App Builder

AirOps: The AI Ops Platform

Ironically, AirOps is not best positioned to build the best AirOps Apps. You are! Our users know their problems inside and out, they’re resourceful, and they love to solve problems themselves. 

We’ll soon release AirOps’ App Builder, and you’ll be able to build your own AirOps Apps that combine LLMs, logic, and data retrieval and that allow for easy integration into your workflows. You can sign up to get early access here.


A huge thank you to our amazing users, investors, families, and friends who’ve supported us as we’ve embarked upon this journey. We’re thrilled for you to try AirOps and can’t wait to see the problems you solve, the businesses you build, and the fun you have along the way!

We’re hiring for several roles across GTM and Engineering. Come join us! 

LFG! 🚀🚀🚀

Alex, Berna, Matt, and the AirOps Team