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Announcing AirOps’ AI Tools Private Beta

Use our powerful AI tools to find gold in your unstructured data - directly from your warehouse or in Gsheets

March 1, 2023
AirOps Team

AirOps is launching a collection of ChatGPT-powered tools that help you unlock incredible value from your unstructured data.

Are you sitting on piles of the following but not sure how to extract value from them?

  • Sales Call Transcripts
  • Support Tickets
  • Customer Reviews
  • CSAT or NPS Survey Comments
  • Community Channels (e.g., Slack, Discord, Facebook Groups)
  • Application Details (e.g., rental applications, program applications, job applications)
  • Media Transcripts (e.g., podcasts, instructional courses, video transcripts)

Discover the insights buried deep within your unstructured data using our powerful AI tools, wherever you work best. 

You can easily perform:

  • Sentiment analysis - easily quantify and measure text comments, reviews, and emails
  • Key word identification - pull out keywords, phrases, themes, and action items
  • Entity classification and attribution - automatically classify, group, and attribute data
  • Language detection and translation - convert from any language to any language
  • Data enrichment - format, transform, and enrich data with the power of AI

Here’s a quick preview of our Sentiment Analysis function - deployed directly in Snowflake:

AirOps AI Sentiment Analysis Tool

Getting started is easy! AirOps instantly deploys an external function directly in your data warehouse or google sheet, and you can use it like any other function.

Join our private beta now to get early access and be one of the first to try out AirOps Explorer!

Click here and answer 3 quick questions to join the beta!