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Creator education platform Daisie grew traffic 60x with AirOps

Within only a few hours of setup time, Daisie generated 500 high-ranking, conversion-optimized blog posts

Published on Apr 30, 2024 by AirOps Team

The Customer

Daisie is a social and education platform that connects and empowers individuals in creative industries worldwide—from film and photography to fashion, art, and even Web3. Through live, interactive workshops, creators can engage with world-class experts in their field and tap into Daisie’s global peer community. 

Some of Daisie's most popular courses

The Problem

Daisie has an incredible content library–a great foundation for building an SEO flywheel–but lacked cost-effective ways to turn their content into high-ranking SEO blog articles.

As an early-stage startup with limited budget and limited time, Daisie couldn’t afford to hire in-house SEO and content expertise, and outside agencies they tried were slow, expensive, and ineffectual. They looked at AI writing tools, but often found the writing quality to be substandard and required them to do just as much if not more work researching keywords and rewriting to clean out the dreaded “AI-speak” from the articles they drafted.

Dom Santry, Founder and CEO, Daisie
“The interest for new content amongst our user base was exactly what we’d hoped for,” explains Dom Santry, Daisie’s co-founder and CEO. “What we hadn’t anticipated was the trouble we’d have achieving the volume such demand required—and just how limiting the effect would be on our potential growth.”

The Solution 

Enter AirOps. With AirOps SEO Article Writer - Daisie gained access to a high-volume, high-quality SEO content engine out of the box and quickly unlocked a new growth channel. AirOps excelled along several dimensions:

Content Quality: 

AirOps lets Daisie automatically integrate its content pipelines with live Google Search, automating keyword research and making their content more relevant, engaging, and likely to rank in the top search results.

Unlike ChatGPT, which often generates content based on a single prompt, AirOps allows Daisie to break down its content generation into multiple prompts. This approach guides the AI to produce comprehensive, high-quality content that's more likely to resonate with the audience.


AirOps connects directly to Daisie’s course catalog. you can incorporate links to your products or other brand-specific content. This both helps with SEO results and also helps drive readers back to Daisie’s platform from its blog posts.

AirOps also integrates image generation APIs, Daisie to design captivating images for its blog articles automatically. 


AirOps gives Daisie the flexibility to trigger content generation from a wide range of inputs—a target keyword, a product, or even a web page. They can also generate articles in bulk batches of up to 500 at a time.

AirOps easily integrates with Daisie’s CMS, cutting out the time spent posting and formatting its articles automatically.

Go way beyond AI copywriting tools with AirOps - automate keyword research, generate OG images, connect to your product catalog, and integrate directly to your CMS

The Impact

Daisie now creates 500+ SEO-optimized blog posts per month, tailored to their audience, and aligned with their brand tone and voice.

They set up AirOps within a day and started generating massive increases in traffic within 6 weeks–so far they’ve 60x their clicks and they are just getting started!

“Thanks to AirOps, every team member can now dedicate their time and energy to what matters most, rather than get bogged down in processes outside our core business. The traffic we are already generating with very little effort on our end is incredible.” concludes Santry. “It’s a game changer.”

How to Get Started with AirOps

Getting started with AirOps for your SEO content pipelines is easy! You can give it a try below or chat with our team here.