How to perform Language Translation at scale with AI

AirOps Language Translate lets you instantly translate text from any language to any language at scale

Published on Apr 30, 2024 by AirOps Team

What is Language Translate and why is it valuable?

It’s pretty simple - you translate text from one language to another, instantly with AI!

Use cases:

  • Instantly translate support tickets, customer reviews, and NPS survey comments
  • Translate any document large or small, from any language to any language
  • Instantly detect and translate any language

Some potential impacts on your business: Reduced costs of translating documents, access to important customer insights, and better targeted marketing

The Old Way: Why language translation was previously hard and expensive

Old-school language translation methods faced several challenges:

  • Expensive: High costs for manual translation services or specialized software
  • Time-consuming: Extensive time required for translation and draft reviews
  • Accuracy: Small dialectic and syntactical issues often cause loss of meaning in the translation output
  • Technical skills required: To do it yourself, you would typically need a lot of hours spent on Duolingo!

AirOps Language Translate App

The New Way: Now anyone can perform language translation at scale

Introducing AirOps Language Translate - the easiest, fastest, and most scalable way to perform language translation:

Accessible to all: You can easily perform language with AirOps Text Classify without any technical or linguistic background!

Use it anywhere:

  • AirOps' Web App
  • Chrome/Firefox Extensions
  • Directly in Google Sheets: AirOps handy Gsheet formula
  • Directly in your data warehouse (e.g., Snowflake)
  • Via API

Scalable: Translate 1 or 1,000,000+ pieces of text data without compromising performance.

Start free today: Experience the magic with no upfront cost