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Rare Candy Boosts Product Page Conversion 18% with AirOps

How Rare Candy used AirOps to boost PDP to cart conversion 18% and optimize their marketplace listings for SEO at scale

Published on May 17, 2024 by AirOps Team

The Customer

Chris Knape, CEO of Rare Candy, oversees a peer-to-peer marketplace for trading card games and collectibles. Rare Candy caters to serious collectors, offering authenticated items from fan-favorite IPs. Their mission is to provide a polished shopping experience, enabling buyers to make informed decisions through high-quality listings.

Rare Candy's marketplace for collectibles

The Problem

Rare Candy saw an opportunity to differentiate their seller experience from platforms like eBay, which often feature low-resolution images and minimal product descriptions. However, given the thousands of seller listing pages, manually refining pages would be infeasible both in terms of cost and time. They needed a way to automate the process of creating compelling metadata descriptions and high-quality photos for listings without sacrificing quality.

The Solution

Rare Candy first used AirOps to build workflows that automate seller tasks that help improve listing quality. They took a collaborative approach that allowed both their engineering and go-to-market teams to quickly prototype and deploy workflows. The engineering team developed a pipeline to generate high-quality product descriptions and keywords as sellers added inventory. Rare Candy's marketing team used AirOps to create comprehensive content around high-value auction items. Together, these AirOps workflows enabled Rare Candy to maintain high listing quality while saving significant time for their power sellers.

Rare Candy listing product descriptions generated by AirOps

The Impact

AirOps has been transformative for Rare Candy. Their workflows improved listing quality across the platform, leading to an 18% product page to cart conversion rate improvement and improved SEO performance, increasing organic traffic by 10% after only 30 days. By automating the creation of marketing assets and product listings, Rare Candy has been able to reallocate human resources to more creative and strategic tasks, fostering innovation and growth. Chris highlights the importance of AI in rapidly prototyping potential growth drivers, allowing the lean team at Rare Candy to scale successful tests with minimal resource investment.

AirOps has made using AI as an innovation edge at Rare Candy so much faster and easier… It has had a huge impact on our business and has helped our team feel excited and motivated about our product direction.

— Chris, CEO of Rare Candy

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