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Rhetoric Saves Engineering Headcount and Ships Faster with AirOps

How Rhetoric uses AirOps to accelerate their speed to production

Published on May 02, 2024 by AirOps Team

The Customer:

Daniel Scarr is the Chief Product Officer at Rhetoric, a legal tech platform that aids lawyers by analyzing judges' language from opinions and transcripts. Rhetoric’s platform offers detailed insights into judges' language preferences and personalities, and their litigation insights engine helps litigators tailor their arguments to the judge presiding over their case.

In this post, Daniel talks to us about building the Rhetoric platform and how AirOps empowers their whole team to build with AI, saving them valuable engineering cycles.

Rhetoric's Team


Rhetoric has a bold vision to help lawyers write more persuasive legal briefs for their cases assisted with AI. As an early-stage startup, they lacked the resources of larger companies to hire dedicated teams to build custom AI workflows. They needed a way to scale their resources and empower their whole team to build with LLMs.

Rhetoric's Legal Insights Engine


Rhetoric turned to AirOps for its user-friendly interface, one-click access to multiple large-language models (LLMs), and low-code builder studio that enables non-engineering team members to prototype and iterate on prompts and other AI techniques. Rhetoric also built an AirOps workflow to automate the research process for collecting judge information, which had previously proven challenging and time-consuming.

What is an LLM?

A large language model (LLM) is a type of artificial intelligence model that has been trained to recognize and generate vast quantities of written human language


Rhetoric estimates they are saving at least one engineering headcount (est. $200k+ annually), and have accelerated their speed of deployment using AirOps. They now can get a production-grade prototype live in minutes instead of days - increasing release cycles by 5-10x!

Building a custom AI tool would not have been viable for the early-stage company, and using AirOps resulted in significant gains in time, effort, and cost.

We’ve recommended AirOps to others many times. The user interface makes it possible to do complex work simply and it’s clear that many companies and individuals could benefit from a streamlined experience when dealing with an otherwise burdensome clutter of AI tools.

Daniel Scarr, Chief Product Officer at Rhetoric

Key AirOps Features:

  • Prompt Studio for building, testing, and evaluation prompt chains with Large Language Models (LLMs)
  • Web-search and scraping steps to automate research processes
  • Easy connection of workflow outputs to S3 database via API step

Get Started with AirOps:

Getting started with AirOps for your AI workflows is easy! Ready to get started with AirOps? Book a call with our team here.