Run Text Classification at scale using AI

How to use AI to easily configure and deploy NLP text classifiers at scale.

Published on Jan 17, 2024 by AirOps Team

What is text classification and why is it valuable?

Text classification assigns predefined categories to text data, letting you more efficiently analyze and understand any text data.

  • What it lets you do: Automate information extraction, sentiment analysis, topic modeling, transaction processing, and more.
  • Use cases: Support tickets, sales call transcripts, customer reviews, brand mentions, social media content, podcast transcripts, financial transactions (e.g., Plaid data)—any text amount of text-based, data large or small
  • Some potential impacts on your business: Enhanced customer insights, better targeted marketing, faster routing of leads or support tickets, and increased efficiency (no more manually tagging your text data!).

The Old Way: Why text classification was previously hard to use

Old-school text classification methods faced several challenges:

  • Expensive: High costs for manual labor or specialized software.
  • Time-consuming: Extensive setup and training times for models.
  • Accuracy: Reliant on the quality and quantity of available data.
  • Technical skills required: In-depth knowledge of machine learning and programming.
AirOps Text Classify App

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The New Way: Now anyone can perform text classification at scale

Introducing AirOps Text Classify - the easiest, fastest, and most scalable way to perform text classification:

Accessible to all: You can easily perform text classification with AirOps Text Classify without any technical background!

Use it anywhere:

  • AirOps' Web App
  • Browser and IDE Extensions: Chrome/Firefox Extensions or our VSCode Extension
  • Directly in Google Sheets: AirOps handy Gsheet formula
  • Directly in your data warehouse (e.g., Snowflake) / database with user-defined SQL function
  • Via API

Scalable: Classify 1 or 1,000,000+ pieces of text data without compromising performance.

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