How to use AI to explain a database table (instantly)

What information does your database table contain? Use artificial intelligence to find out.

Published on Apr 30, 2024 by AirOps Team

When you look at a database table and it includes a bunch of columns and seemingly endless rows, it can be difficult to figure out exactly what you’re looking at. And when you aren’t sure what type of information is hiding in your tables, it’s almost impossible to know what questions you can answer with your data. 

Instead of putting on your detective hat, let artificial intelligence explain your tables.

Uncover more business value from your data using AI Data Sidekick

Data Sidekick is an AI-assisted data tool that helps data pros and data novices alike cruise through common data tasks at breakneck speeds. 

It works by combining the power of artificial intelligence with context from your data warehouse (that’s how it’s able to explain the contents of your tables so succinctly).

Not sure what’s inside a database table? Sidekick can help → Select a table from your data warehouse, click Generate, and get a 2-sentence explanation about the table, including potential use cases. 

In addition to explaining tables, you can also use Sidekick’s collection of AI-powered recipes to:

  • Convert natural language to SQL 🪄
  • Explain, modify, and fix existing SQL queries 🔧
  • Auto document table schemas ✍️
  • Optimize queries to improve speed and trim your warehouse bill 💸

… and much more. We’re always developing new recipes, too. 

The best part? Sidekick is 100% free for individual users. You don’t even need a credit card to sign up.

Using Data Sidekick IRL

Curious about how Sidekick performs in real life? Check out this feedback from Megan Hettwer, Content Lead at AirOps, to see how she uses the Table Explainer recipe. ⬇

Before Sidekick, how did you approach working with data?
I’m a content marketer and while that absolutely requires some data analysis know-how, I still have so much to learn! Sidekick has a bunch of super useful recipes that I rely on heavily as I learn how to use SQL, and Table Explainer is one of my favorites.

Our data warehouse has tons of tables and I’m not sure which tables have the information I need. With this recipe, I can figure out which tables have what I need easily and instantly.
How has Sidekick changed the way you work with data?
Recipes like Table Explainer, SQL Writer, and SQL Fixer have made my SQL learning journey so much easier. It’s almost like having a dedicated tutor there with me as I learn.

I also like to use it for curiosity’s sake: I can learn what the heck all of our Github tables are for, and the engineering team can see what kind of info my Google Analytics and Search Console tables contain. It’s a fun recipe from that perspective alone.