Explain complex SQL queries using AI

Copy/paste complex SQL queries into AI Data Sidekick, get an instant explanation about what the query does, use cases, and more.

Published on Apr 30, 2024 by AirOps Team

Despite its simplicity, anyone who works with SQL knows that queries can get quite complex.

When faced with a complex SQL query, you can:

  • Take time to manually dissect the statement,
  • Ask a colleague on the data team to explain the query’s purpose,
  • Turn to Google for help, or;
  • Paste the query into Data Sidekick for an instant, plain English description of the query.

That last option sounds like the best one, no? Read on to learn how it works.

Use artificial intelligence to understand complex SQL queries

Data Sidekick combines the power of AI with context from your data warehouse to automate a variety of common data tasks.

It’s powered by a series of AI-assisted data apps, including Query Explainer, which reads a SQL statement and instantly writes a straightforward description of what the query does and how it’s used.

In addition to explaining SQL queries, you can also use Sidekick’s collection of AI-powered data apps to:

  • Suggest questions a specific database table can answer 🧐
  • Convert natural language to SQL like magic 🪄
  • Auto document table schemas ✍️
  • Optimize queries to improve speed and trim your warehouse bill 💸

… and a whole lot more (we're always working on new AI data apps!)

The best part? Sidekick is 100% free for individual users. You don’t even need a credit card to sign up – jump in and give your SQL powers an immediate boost.

See Data Sidekick in action

Curious about how Sidekick performs in real life? See how Matt Hammel, COO and co-founder at AirOps, uses SQL Query Explainer to understand complex queries. ⬇

Before Sidekick, what was it like working with and learning SQL?
I learn new skills best when I can absorb real-world examples and apply them to my own work.

This was a barrier to learning the more complex elements of SQL. Whenever I had a question about a complicated query, I had to ask someone on the data team to explain it OR try to dissect and recreate queries on my own. Either way I was looking at 30+ minutes of reverse engineering SQL.
How has Sidekick changed the way you use SQL?
Sidekick instantly explains queries, even complex ones, so anyone can understand them. Instead of bugging someone else for help or scouring Substack, I can just copy/paste a query and get a quick explanation about what the query does and how it’s used.