Perform any data transformation task at scale with AI

How to easily format, transform, and enrich your text or data using AI

Published on Apr 30, 2024 by AirOps Team

What do we mean by data transformation?

We’re talking about any operation to convert, enrich, or format data to make it more usable, accessible, and insightful.

  • What it lets you do: Standardize data, enhance its quality, unlock hidden insights, and streamline data analysis.
  • Use cases: Cleaning and structuring raw data, merging data sets, filling in missing values, enriching data with external sources, and more.
  • Impact on your business: Improved data-driven decision-making, enhanced data quality, increased efficiency, and more time turning your data into valuable decisions!

The Old Way: Struggling with manual data transformation

Before, data transformation was often a tedious and time-consuming task. It was:

  • Expensive: You had to pay for manual labor or expensive, specialized software.
  • Time-consuming: You spent countless hours manually cleaning and transforming data.
  • Error-prone: You were limited by the quality and quantity of available data to enrich or transform
  • Technical: You needed technical knowledge of programming and data manipulation functions

The New Way: Effortlessly perform data transformation at scale

Introducing Magic Transform - now you can easily and affordably format, transform, and enrich your data:

Accessible: No technical ability required - if you can use Google Sheets, you can use Magic Transform!

Use it anywhere:

  • In AirOps' Web App
  • In our Browser Extensions: Chrome/Firefox Extensions, VSCode Extension
  • In your Google Sheet: AirOps custom Gsheet formula
  • In your Data warehouse: User-defined SQL function (e.g., Snowflake)
  • Via API

Scalable: Transform millions of records without compromising performance or quality.

Start free today: Get started today and experience the magic with no upfront cost!