How to automatically write SQL with AI

Whether you’re new to SQL or a data pro, you can use artificial intelligence to ✨automatically✨ write SQL queries.

Published on Jan 17, 2024 by AirOps Team

To write an effective SQL query that can pull in your desired data, you need to understand your database, its hierarchy, and the data model within it…

… or rather, you used to need those things.

Data Sidekick: An AI SQL writer that writes queries 10x faster

Data Sidekick makes common data tasks, like writing SQL, effortless. It works by combining the power of artificial intelligence with context from your data warehouse.

To generate a SQL query, simply select your table (or tables), type your question in plain English, and click Generate. In a few short seconds you’ll have a SQL query that you can use inside of AirOps, or wherever else you work with data.

In addition to automatically writing SQL queries, you can also use Sidekick’s collection of AI-powered recipes to:

  • Explain, modify, and fix existing SQL queries 🔧
  • Suggest questions a specific database table can answer 🧐
  • Auto document table schemas ✍️
  • Optimize queries to improve speed and trim your warehouse bill 💸

… and more. New recipes are always in the works, too.

The best part? Sidekick is completely free for individual users. You don’t even need a credit card to create an account.

Work with data 10x faster.

Magically draft, correct, and explain SQL. Instantly write Python scripts. Free for individuals and small teams.

AI Data Sidekick IRL

Curious about how Sidekick performs in the wild?

Check out this feedback from Megan Hettwer, Content Lead at AirOps, to see how she uses the SQL Query Writer recipe to expand her data abilities. ⬇

Before Sidekick, what was writing SQL like for you?
I’m more comfortable with words than data, but I wanted to change that and become a more data-driven content marketer. I set out to learn some SQL basics, but the learning curve was steep and it felt like an uphill battle – even writing straightforward queries took me forever. I know part of SQL’s power is due to its simplicity, but it wasn’t simple for me. 😬

Not being able to write my own queries made it more difficult to track performance and progress, which meant missing out on key insights from my content marketing campaigns. Whenever I had an ad hoc question, I needed to ask a more data-adept colleague for help.
How has Sidekick changed the way you write SQL queries?
Sidekick has been a huge game-changer for me and has kick-started my path towards becoming more data-driven in my work.

Before Sidekick I couldn’t string a SQL query together without tons of time and frustration. So I stuck with built-in reports and lots of random CSV downloads, which I’d then hodge-podge together for reports. Not super ideal.

Now all I have to do is select the table(s) I need, ask a question in conversational English, and boom – instant query. From there I can run the query right inside of AirOps and get the answers I need. It saves me so much time. But even better, I don’t have to waste energy fighting with data tools. That’s a huge win for me.

Work with data 10x faster.

Magically draft, correct, and explain SQL. Instantly write Python scripts. Free for individuals and small teams.